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Our Story

70 years ago, Martini Renzo Giovanni, an Italian immigrant made his dream came true by founding Marvi. Coming from a country with a great ice cream tradition, Giovanni glimpsed here a promising future for this market. This young man started the ice cream cones production in a manual machine. At that time, he manufactured, sold and delivered the products by himself.

Throught the years, the company went to an expansion and modernization process of its factory facility. Mostly when, his son, Sergio Luiz Martini toke place as CEO.

In the 2000s, Sergio’s children, Daniel e Filipe Martini, after undergoing a long period of trainee process at the company they were well prepared and could take place over the Management in 2015. Nowadays they are responsible for a new major modernization company project. The project involves Industry 4.0, lean manufactured process flows, certifications such as FSC22000, product mix strengthening and growth, industry facility expansion, besides the sustainable practices development and a strong culture of taking a closer look at people, and dig deep into relationships that create value for society.

Presently, Marvi is the largest ice cream products industry in Latin America and is among the largest in the whole world, proud to be a 100% Brazilian company. Holding the World Wide Record in ice cream cones and another products production.

With great pride


Since its foundation almost 70 years ago, Marvi underwent enlargment, modernisation and automation factoty, establishing in its market and proud to be a 100% Brazilian company.


Delivering products with high quality and solutions for the food industry.


Consolidate the company as a Latim America market leader and place itself as a wroldwide leaders on the segment


Integrity in actions; Trust between the employees; Honesty in negotiations; Respect our customer; Responsability in manufacturing; In compliance with laws; Constant innovation; Ethics and social responsability

Solidarity Company Seal

Social Responsability

Marvi believes in the great importance of social investment and direct support to all generations that make up our society.

By means of a business Project “Solidary Company”, we won the renowned title by playing a different role in the Ourinhense community, awarded by the public on the merits of being a socially responsible company.

Marvi also collaborates with the Exceptional Parents and Friends Association (APAE), contributing to development, learning and wellness for special children.

In addition, the entire company´s production undergo through controls and certifications to be classified as a Clean Industry, that respects the environment, both in waste disposal and in its internal practice.



For an increasingly ecological and sustainable planet, Marvi invests heavily in the manufacture of plastic substitutes.

Marvi has been further consolidating this extremely important differential in the market and in its production, whatching out the present and taking care of the future.

It's in our DNA


Throughout 60 years of history and development, Marvi has always been looking for innovation, improvement of the production process and the maintenance of qualified professionals, which make Marvi´s brand recognized by these values.

With 30,000 m² of manufacturing area and automated processes, today Marvi serves more than 10,000 customers in Brazil, manufacturing more than 6 million cones a day and offering a mix of over 700 products, following in continuous search for new discoveries and new flavors, as well as complete solution for its customers.

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